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Judy Turner Teaches about Leadership Skills

Mentoring—three models of mentoring you can use

Motivating People—three principles of activating ministry through the church

Writing a Personal Mission Statement—discovering what God is calling you to be and do

Spiritual Gifts Inventory—a free resource you can download and use

Judy’s New Devotional

Remembering—how a powerful memory can help us serve people.

John Turner Offers a New Bible Study on “The Gospel according to Mark”

You will find new perspectives on Mark’s Gospel when you use John Turner’s latest Bible study.

You will see how Mark’s emphasis on Jesus as Royal Son and Suffering Servant  sets the pattern for the church’s fruitful mission and faithful witness.

Have you examined John’s previous study of “The Book of Ruth”? It doubles as an introduction to Bible study skills.

John Recommends Commentaries on “The Gospel according to John”

Find out about Commentaries on “The Gospel according to John.”  Which ones will best help you understand John’s Gospel? And don’t forget the previous recommendations on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Ruth.  Your purchases through our specific product links help support Christview Ministries. Can't find what you are looking for yet? You can use one of the general “Buy from Amazon” links to provide a small commission to Christview Ministries.  Thanks to those of you who have been using the links!

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“Vision and Mission in Luke-Acts: A Bible Study Seminar”

July 25-28

Monday begins at 2 PM

Tuesday and Wednesday, all day

Thursday ends at 2 PM

led by John Turner

Especially for Those Who Can Set Aside Several Days for Soaking in the Word and Who Are Interested in What Will Vitalize a Church

It is not all study! Time for prayer, worship, fellowship, and relaxing will be part of each day.

You can also arrange a personal mentoring session with John or Judy. 

Let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend so that we can plan your meals and prepare your study materials.

Christview Ministries events are supported by donations.

Email John@christviewmin.org

Christview Ministries Center

992 County Road 309

Eureka Springs, AR 72632

(479) 253-5865

 For more information:



Can’t make it for those dates? Have another topic in mind?

Talk to John and Judy and schedule a made-to-order time.

Need an evening course? Check our schedule of events for

our course on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Judy to Lead Workshops in Portland, Oregon

“Prayerful Leaders,” led by Judy Turner, will explore what hinders and helps us grow in Christ through prayer.  It is part of the “National Evangelism Workshop 2005,” that will be held in Portland Oregon, July 20-22. While in Portland, Judy will also lead an event for Lutherans who are attending NEW 2005.

John to Preach at Thorncrown Chapel

John will preach the morning sermon at:

Thorncrown Chapel and Worship Center,

Sunday, June 26,

9 AM in the Chapel and

11 AM in the Worship Center.

Sermon title: The Big Three

Scripture text: Romans 5:1-5

You Can Help Christview Ministries Prepare Leaders for the Church

Scott Frame was brought up in an alcohol-and-drug environment. As a child, he spent much time sitting in smoke-filled bars. Although he was the first of his immediate family to graduate from high school, it was a graduation into a life of alcoholism.

A few years ago, Scott met Jesus Christ. He has left his drinking behind and has immersed himself in the Bible. He is preaching at the Sunday evening worship service of his church approximately every other week. He feels called to ministry, but also knows that he needs more preparation. Picking up and going off for formal education is not an option. Scott and his wife are rearing eight children, and they need the fulltime income that both earn to support the family.

Scott, who goes to work in the middle of the afternoon, has made a weekly appointment for a two-to-three hour morning session at Christview Ministries Center to improve on his Bible study and sermon preparation skills. He may return at other times in the week for “study hall” in our library.

John helps Scott with Bible study, and Judy helps with sermon preparation. They also discuss other ministry skills as needed. John and Judy believe that Scott is called and gifted by God for ministry and just needs some guidance and access to resources as he develops his gifts.

Here is a summary of what Scott says about the mentoring he is receiving at Christview:

“This is what I have been looking for: mature, experienced ministers to help me develop my leadership without imposing their own denominational or doctrinal agendas on me. I am exploring different models for sermon preparation, and, at the same time, learning to develop my own style as a preacher.

“Judy urges me to begin from my own careful reading of a Bible passage, listening to the Spirit’s leading as to what message from it is most important for the congregation to hear. John guides me to study tools I can use to make sure that my message is on track with what God is saying through the passage. Based on the study, I can then add to or adjust my original message.

“They help me achieve a balance of Bible teaching, spiritual enrichment, practical application, and presentation of the saving gospel. As I deliver the sermon, they encourage me to be myself and to let the Spirit guide me.”

You can help Christview Ministries as we work with Scott and others. When you invest resources in preparing spiritual leaders for Christ’s church, the ripples will grow ever wider. Each person we help is likely to reach many others. Your tax-deductible gifts can make it possible for us to keep our time available for these developing leaders.

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