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Christview Ministries E-Mail Update, June 15, 2006

Christview Students Making a Difference

J.R. and Vickie Poulson are key leaders in Soul Purpose Ministries, an outreach ministry dedicated to reaching the lost, educating the community on the devastating effects of methamphetamine, and how God’s unconditional love can heal our lives and our community.

Soul Purpose offers a worship service on Sunday evenings with speakers giving witness to how God has changed and continues to transform their lives. A number of people have made decisions to follow Christ at these services.

J.R. and Vickie come to Christview for mentoring. John teaches the scriptures, recently completing a selection of Psalms relating to J.R.’s worship leading and to their prayer ministry, and now turning to Genesis and Exodus relating to representing God’s character. Judy coaches leadership skills, working through the challenges of getting a new ministry started and talking about direction and goals for their ministry.

Soul Purpose's Meth Awareness Day



Soul Purpose recently sponsored a Meth Awareness Day to educate the community and to reach out to people whose lives and families are being destroyed by this drug.



Vickie says, “We are grateful for Christview coming at the right time in our lives.  We look forward to the inspiration we receive as we study scripture.  We find a lot of help in how to work with people and take steps toward turning our vision into reality. Christview is helping us make an impact for Christ in this community.”  

John’s Interim Ministry in Harrison

On January 8, John began a part-time interim pastorate at First Christian Church, Harrison, AR. He will continue until the church calls its new pastor, probably this autumn. John has preached, taught scripture, written for the newsletter, and provided guidance for the church’s meetings and ministries. He has emphasized (1) building understanding of the scriptures as the foundation from which the church operates, (2) developing awareness of the presence of God in daily life and (3) focusing on mission.

The Harrison ministry has kept John busy, but it has provided the opportunity to test and improve materials that are already on our Website and to develop new ones that will soon begin to appear. It has reinforced our conviction that mentoring leaders is the path to the future strength of the church. The Harrison ministry and the rest of our Christview Ministries overlap and build one another in interesting ways.

Prayer Day at Christview

Judy Turner led a Prayer Day at the Christview Ministries Center for members and friends of the First Christian Church of Harrison. 25 people spent a spiritually refreshing day in deepening communication with God.  The day included teaching, small group discussion, and time for personal and group prayer.

FCC, Harrison, AR, Prayer DayFCC, Harrison, AR, Prayer Day, 2

Would a group from your church like to come to Christview for a day of spiritual renewal?  Talk with Judy about designing a spiritual renewal time that will strengthen and bless your group.

Christview “On the Road”

Since the beginning of the year, Christview has provided leadership for an evangelism workshop in Illinois, a prayer retreat in Arkansas, leadership training events in Louisiana and Arizona, and a prayer seminar in Texas.

After such an event is over, a leader can wonder, "Has it really made any difference in the lives of the people who attended and in the life of a congregation?"  Rev. Mike Johnson is the pastor of Vine Street Christian Church in Arthur, Illinois, where Judy Turner led an evangelism workshop in January. Mike recently wrote:

"We knew Judy to be an excellent workshop presenter, practical and down to earth while also deeply spiritually rooted. But we could not have imagined the excellence of her evangelism workshop and weekend spent with us. There were 33 members of our congregation, including several young couples, who were present for the Saturday workshop. Later one young man--who hates church meetings--said it was the best day he’d ever spent at church. That was the experience of virtually everyone who participated.I cannot recall a six-hour workshop that I didn't find myself 'winding down' toward the end of it. But the interest and energy level in the room at Judy's workshop was as high at the end as at the beginning."

"A young woman who attended the workshop had ‘married into the church,’ but had never committed her life to God in Christ. She was baptized two months after Judy’s workshop and has formed a task force to investigate our church sponsoring a pre-school in the community as a way of reaching out to touch others at a point of felt need in our community. (I’m guessing that it’s unusual for an evangelism workshop to be an instrumental factor in bringing a workshop participant to Christ. But it happened).  We are talking now about having a major spiritual focus weekend for the congregation every year. And we’ll be asking Judy back."


People Coming to Christview for Personal Spiritual Renewal

In the last months, people have come to Christview for a time of individual spiritual renewal.  They have come at a time of crisis in their lives and found healing; a time of confusion and have found clarity; a time of exhaustion and have found God’s deep rest. Some are not experiencing any kind of crisis, but have simply come to grow closer to God. 

Perhaps you, or someone you know, needs a time and place to slow down, rest, and communicate with God. The Christview Ministries Center offers a beautiful setting for personal spiritual renewal. 

You never know what colorful characters you might find on the Christview deck.

Indigo Bunting Cardinal and GoldfinchIndivdual prayerprayer day







Can you picture yourself here for a personal renewal time?

What would you do if you came to Christview for a couple of days?

Depending on your needs and goals, these are experiences you could have:

What do people who have come to Christview say about their experience?

“God met me in a special way during my retreat at Christview. It was one of the most significant experiences of my life.”

“I came to Christview tired and discouraged. I left with new energy and excitement. I’m telling everyone I know that they should come.”

How do you arrange for a time of personal spiritual renewal? 

Call or e-mail Judy Turner. judy@christviewmin.org     (479) 253-5865

Judy will make a reservation for you and talk with you about what you need and hope to experience at Christview.

How much does it cost?  

Click this link for information on suggested donations

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