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Christview Ministries Email Update

May 10, 2011

A Double Fresh Welcome to the Christview Ministries Center…

A New Sign to Help You Find Us…

The new sign marks the place to turn off County Road 309 onto the  Christview Ministries Center driveway.  The sign is lit at night from solar energy collected during the day. We are grateful to a donor who provided the funds, and to Ron Lutz of Studio 62 who built the sign.

Judy and John Turner with new Christview sign

and a New Prayer Garden to Aid Your Retreat

The new prayer garden near the front entrance is already a place guests choose to be.

new prayer garden

Birds, butterflies, breezes, flowers, trees, lichen-covered rocks, lawn chairs, a stone bench, and a burbling, dripping fountain join to form a time and a place for refreshing mind, body, soul, and spirit in the presence of God.

ANNOUNCING a Comprehensive Study of Major Themes of the Bible…..



Taught by John Turner at the Christview Ministries Center

Once a month, you choose either

the first Tuesday or the following Saturday morning, 9:00- Noon,

June 2011 – January 2012

John says: “This is the most useful approach that I know toward discovering what God has consistently and persistently revealed about the purposes of our lives.  I will be excited and honored to share it with you.”  

For more information, including dates of sessions and topics:  http://www.christviewmin.org/events/index.php

Directed Silent Retreat, May 13-15

Imagine a weekend with nothing to do but pray and rest. Imagine the luxury ofsitting and looking out over the lovely hills in their spring colors. Think of delicious home-cooked meals you don't have to cook! Think of just being with the Lord, enjoying His presence and listening for what He wants to communicate to you, what you most need at this time in your life. Think of receiving the rare gift of silence - for a whole weekend!

What you have just pictured is happening May 13-15 at the Little Portion Retreat Center. Christview Ministries is offering a Directed Silent Retreat. More information: http://www.christviewmin.org/events/index.php#Directed   

Even if you can’t make this Silent Retreat, you can arrange a directed silent retreat for yourself, or for a group of 2-3 people, at the Christview Ministries Center on a date that works for you!

Christview Ministries Can Provide a Mini-Retreat at Your Church!

Frequently asked question when the topic is prayer:  “How do I know if God is speaking to me?” 

Judy Turner has developed a 4 -hour retreat to help Christians “hear” and receive God’s communication with us. When the retreat was offered at the Christview Ministries Center, the benefits participants described  were phenomenal!  

In order to make this retreat available for more people, Judy is willing to come to your church and offer this retreat, either on a Saturday morning or afternoon, or a Sunday afternoon.  Call or e-mail Judy.  judy@christviewmin.org

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At Christview Ministries Center,

the early bird gets the sunrise,

and that beats worms any day!

Sunrise from Christview mailbox