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NOVEMBER 23, 2009



In November of 2004 the Christview Ministries Center opened. Many lives have been touched and the body of Christ has been strengthened through Christview. God has miraculously sustained this ministry through friends and prayer partners. We thank God for you. 



Text Box: DIRECTED SILENT RETREAT  April 16-18, 2010  Beginning with Supper on Friday evening at 6:00 PM   Concluding at 11:00 AM Sunday morning    At the Little Portion Retreat Center, Eureka Springs, AR   


 This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend with God, without noise or busyness, and with no agenda but to rest, listen to God, and receive what God has for you!

Cost is $160.00, which includes your private room at the beautiful Little Portion Retreat Center, 5 home cooked meals, and a mountaintop setting for resting, walking, and praying.

Spiritual direction is available, for an additional cost of $40.00 per hour. The Spiritual Directors who will be available are Judy Turner and Gail Pitt.

For more information, or to make your reservation

Contact Judy Turner, judy@christviewmin.org  (479) 253-5865  




There is now improved space for retreat guests on the lower level of the Christview Ministries Center!  Thanks to Nelson Stalnaker, who volunteered his time to stain and install cabinets and a countertop, guests have their own kitchenette. With the refrigerator and microwave they can prepare their own snacks and light meals. We will continue to provide full meals as needed for our retreat guests, but the kitchenette provides more time for solitude and silence for guests who are wanting time alone with God.


Volunteer Nelson Stalnaker completes work in installing cabinets and countertop. Christview Board member Vivian Potee looks at the finished kitchenette.






There have been 454 visits to the Christview Ministries Center so far in 2009. Some have come for John’s overview of the Bible class, or for individual mentoring in Bible.  The teacher of an adult Sunday school class comes weekly to develop the lesson for Sunday.


Some have come for spiritual direction times with Judy. One woman Judy directs says, “I have recently been through a time of family crisis, but have actually grown in my relationship with God through the crisis. Meeting with Judy has helped me see God at work even in this difficult time.”


10 people came for spiritual retreat this year, including 2 pastors.



(a nearby congregation that has contracted with Christview

to supply transformational leadership)


John and Judy Turner have led the congregation through a process of discovering God’s direction for the future of the congregation. The church now has an exciting mission, vision, and plan.


There are visible signs of progress with a community garden, remodeled space for youth, and remodeled front of the sanctuary. 


Christview students Scott and Amanda Frame continue to lead a growing youth ministry.  We will soon baptize 6 young people with more giving consideration to being baptized!


See what is happening at First Christian Church of Berryville, and read some sermons from John and Judy on the church blog:  firstchristianchurchberryville@blogspot.com Scroll down and keep clicking “Older Posts” for interesting tidbits.







John helps students discover the kinds of things we can learn from the Bible by focusing on historical background, literary structure, word study, and biblical theology. His teaching is filled with fresh insights that students say bring the word of God alive for them. They also say that his passion is contagious.  


John teaches individuals and groups of students who meet at Christview Ministries Center and at First Christian Church of Berryville.




Judy’s Ministry of Christian Encouragement helps people with concerns such as:

Judy helps you discover God’s leading. She may offer prayer for inner healing. She coaches you as you discover new and better ways of living. With 30 years of experience as a pastor, Judy offers compassion, insight and prayer to help you deal with difficulties and challenges. She can refer you to a professional counselor if needed.


Judy’s Ministry of Spiritual Direction is part of a centuries-old tradition of one Christian listening to another Christian for the direction of the Holy Spirit. People come to spiritual direction with questions such as:

Judy listens with people for God’s invitation to grow spiritually. She suggests ways of praying and spiritual practices which lead to deeper relationship with God.


Ministry sessions are typically 60-90 minutes. The sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, or during a spiritual retreat.




The Christview Ministries Center offers a quiet place for spiritual renewal. John and Judy design retreats that meet the needs of individuals and groups.


The Christview Squirrel says that hanging out here is great!




We thank God and each of our contributors for the way that Christview finances have grown each year.  You have demonstrated that even in times of recession, God’s people are generous givers. You have helped us give witness to God’s provision. When people shake their heads and ask us how this ministry has been able to make it financially, particularly in a weak economy, we say, “We aren’t dependent on the world’s economy. We live in God’s economy.”


Income by Calendar Years:

2004                                             $9,190.00 (from August 4)

2005:                                              $41,854.91

2006:                                              $81,024.51

2007:                                              $82,419.44

2008:                                            $87,263.73*

2009:                                              $74,040.30 (through Nov. 13)**


*2008 income included $5,000.00 sale of capital improvements from Christview Ministries to the Turners.

**2009 income is approximately $5,000.00 ahead of the same date in each of the three previous years. We are deeply grateful.


We still have a ways to go to reach our goal for this year, but can come close with a really good December. Your generous December gifts will help secure the growth of our ministries and will increase our confidence in planning for 2010. Thank you in advance! The Christview Roadrunner says, “Beep-beep!”