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Who Is Christview Ministries?

John and Judy Turner are the founders of Christview Ministries.

John and Judy are experienced ministers with:

John Turner

John Turner

John Turner is a gifted teacher and preacher. He has led study of every book of the Bible and of many Biblical topics. He can plan a great study for your group. More about John.

Judy Turner

Judy Turner is an engaging speaker and workshop leader. She leads prayer retreats with many formats. Talk to her about your group’s needs. More about Judy.

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The Christview Ministries Story


Statement of Purpose

Christview Ministries is about Seeing Jesus and being formed in Him through

We help people

We serve people and churches of all denominations, and non-denominational Christians. We gladly work with people who are searching and not sure what they believe.

The Christview Ministries Story

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